Local News

‘Ministry full of wastas’

Published Date: July 04, 2007


: The head of the laborers union at the Ministry of Social Affairs Salem Shabeeb Al-Ajmi attacked all sectors of the Ministry of Social Affairs and said that all its sectors are corrupt and its employees are irresponsible. He then asked the minister of social affairs for a meeting in order to present some problems of the ministry and some demands of the union such as adopting private cadres, fighting corruption and adopting new labor laws. Al-Ajmi expressed that the ministry was full of wastas (influential people) and that those wastas are controlling the ministry and making it corrupt. He also added that there are several committees which do not have any duties and just give certain advantages to the members of those committees. Al-Ajmi described the report made by the Audit Bureau that disclosed violations at the ministry and the report made by the American Ministry of Foreign Affairs which described Kuwait as a place high in human trafficking cases as a disaster.  He said that officials from the Ministry of Social Affairs are responsible for killing the reputation of Kuwait. 

1 thought on “Local News

  1. Hoi,
    Wat leuk zeg al die foto’s van je huis. Heerlijk al je eigen spullen weer zo bij elkaar.Zaterdag hebben wij weer pleinfeest gehad met bbq. Was weer super gezellig en zondagmiddag zijn we met 2 stel buurtjes naar het strandhuisje geweest. Het was zalig om daar met ondergaande zon te zijn en de kinderen lekker in de vloedlijn spelen met de buurkindertjes. Nou, binnenkort kunnen jullie het ook komen beleven.
    Groetjes, Micheline

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